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EUTOPIA Doctoral Summer School, 18-22 JUL 2024

Nova University Lisbon vabi na doktorsko poletno šolo EUTOPIA 2024, ki bo med 18. in 22. julijem potekala v Lizboni.

Program poletne šole lahko najdete tu ali pa obiščete:


Rok za prijavo: 3. junij 2024

Participation costs

Normal fee: €1000

EUTOPIA Universities' participants: €600


This fee includes for the duration of the Summer School: 

  • Lectures content
  • Unrestrictive use of the facilities for classes and group work.
  • Housing in double-rooms at the Arrabida Covent.
  • Full meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the programme.
  • Transport to and from the Covent (meeting point at NOVA central office). 
  • An award for the final winning project among the groups. 


How to apply

Please fill in the form  or by email

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