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Kang Byoung Yoong


Born in Seoul in 1975, Kang graduated from Myongji University with a B.A. and M.A. in creative writing, also completing the coursework for a PhD in the same subject. He also received a PhD in Russian literature from Moscow State University.
He debuted as a fiction writer when his short story The Winning Bid was selected in Spirit and Expression’s contest for new writers in 2002. Kang has published the story cycle Tales of Imaginary People (2005), the short story collection Inexhaustible (2006), a Russian-language study of Yevgeny Zamyatin’s novel We (2010), the novel Assorted Records of the Castration of Mr. Y (2012), and the novel Aluminum Cucumber (2013), along with contributing a short story to the themed collection Kisses and Bananas (2014). Kang received a prize in the 8th contest for new translators of Korean literature in 2009, which was organized by the Literature Translation Institute of Korea. Hitherto he published over 10 books.
Since 2013, Kang works at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia as an Assistant Professor of Asian Studies. For the academic year 2016/17, he was awarded by the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, a Special Recognition for Unique Achievement (for the enforcement of Korean Studies in Slovenia). Currently, he is the Head of Korean Studies at the Department of Asian Studies.

His main publications are:
- Features of Bildungsroman-novels in the 20th century, Journal of Moscow State University 3, 2010 (in Russian)
- Teaching Korean Literature to Foreigners in Slovenia, Journal of Korean Culture 33, 2016 (in Korean)
- A Study on Literary Characters in modern Korean literature through selected works by Kim Dong-in Kim, Asian Studies 4, 2016 (in Slovene)

Areas of expertise: Korean modern literature, Korean contemporary literature, creative writing and diasporic literature

Languages: Korean, English, Russian, Slovene