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The service Eduroam enables its users safe and simple access to the (wireless) network of their home organisation and roaming in networks of other institutions included in the Eduroam system. Thus, users from an organisation in Ljubljana can have access to the secure Eduroam network in Maribor or Koper (or any other Eduroam network abroad) transparently and free of charge by using the same user name and password as when they use the Eduroam network locally. The network is designed to provide maximum security to the institution as well as to its roaming service users as interception and phishing are prevented. In line with its policy, the institution can also enable its users to use other network sources (e.g. common applications, databases) through the same authentication system. This leads to less bureaucracy when accessing the network and applications as well as increases user mobility, which is becoming of key importance in the international research and education area. The networks are also part of the international roaming system Eduroam. Thus, Slovene users can also roam in networks of education and research institutions abroad.

 To access the Eduroam network, you need:

  • computer or other corresponding wireless device (palmtop, phone);
  • wireless device has to be equipped with the corresponding protocol 802.11g or 802.11b and be supported by the security protocol WPA-Enterprise or WPA2-Enterprise;
  • to have installed software on computer with support for authentication 802.1x (EAP-TTLS), either Eduroam client or default client within the operation system;
  • user name and password for Eduroam from your home institution.

When applying to the Eduroam network, you need to state everything besides your user name, including

Instructions for installation and connection can be found here: CAT - eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool

Operation of the EDUROAM network: .

Web of Knowledge (Web of Science), a multidisciplinary collection of the most prestigious and influential scientific journals: Successful entry into Web of Science.
Instructions WoS:
Useful link – information source portal:

Acceptance of digital identity or user name
Please accept your digital identity from the website / digital identity / digital identity acceptance / enter your personal data / a person then sets his/her password / clicks the button DIGITAL IDENTITY ACCEPTANCE.  The password must have at least 8 characters.

Forgotten password, changing password for user name

Forgotten password:
Changing the password:  
We cannot see the password in the database, thus we cannot transmit it to you. If you change the password, you have to copy it immediately as this is the only time you will see it. The password must contain at least 8 characters. After changing the password, you must (!!!) wait 30 minutes for the password to be also updated in the database.

Webmail with user name from ID PORTAL:
You can create your nickname or alias at webmail. It is not possible to access webmail with your alias, but only with a specific user name, e.g. .

Help – reporting errors
If you have a “severe” error to report, it is desirable that you leave us your phone number.

Office 365

During enrollment, students are entitled to a free licenced version of Office365. The licence is available at Students are advised to follow instructions provided on the hyperlinked site. (

Web info portal CAREER CENTRES
Creating a CV, career counselling, applications to free workshops and events...

Arnes AAI free services

ARNES – list of all applications with “our” user name and password (all University of Ljubljana members affiliated to the federation Arnes AAI (not BF and MF))

INFORMATION SERVICES AT THE UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA – list and a more detailed description

Equipment borrowing

Students can borrow equipment: My FDV / Web desk / Other / Rental of multimedia equipment

Equipment can be collected after confirmation letter between 9 am and 10 am, and returned 12 am and 1 pm.

Equipment must be returned within an agreed deadline to the premises classroom 27 where it was also collected.