Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Students with special status and special needs

  • Special status and special needs

Students who demonstrate special achievements in the fields of sport, arts, and culture, students with special needs, and students who become parents may be granted special status and/or special needs status at the Faculty of Social Sciences, in accordance with the Rules on Students with Special Needs and Special Status at the University of Ljubljana.

Students with special status are students who have:

  • the status of a student who is a categorised athlete or a coach of categorised athletes;
  • the status of a recognised student artist/culturalist;
  • status as a student participating in (regional) international competitions;
  • status as a student parent.

Students with disabilities are students who have various handicaps, long-term difficulties/disorders/disadvantages.

Special status and/or special needs status is granted to a student of the Faculty of Social Sciences by a decision of the commission for student affairs on the basis of an individual application via the online system, along with relevant evidence of eligibility for the status.  In the status application, the student must specify their needs for adjustments to their studies and study requirements. The student normally submits the application to the faculty when enrolling in the first year of the study programme, but can also submit the application at any time during the academic year once the conditions for obtaining the status have been met. Students at all three levels of study can apply for this status. The status is granted to the student until the end of the academic year in which the fulfilment of the condition expires.

If a student with status abuses the help and adjustment or misrepresents the adjustments, they shall be subject to the procedure for withdrawal of student status, and shall be dealt with in accordance with the rules governing disciplinary responsibility.

Information on all types of status is also available on the UL website:


Contact and information

For the status of student-athlete, student-coach, student-artist, student-culturalist:
Petra Miklavčič Phone: +386 (0)1/ 5805-128 E-mail:

Tutor teacher for student-athletes, student-coaches:
lect. Jaroš Štekl Phone: +386 (0)1/ 5805-340 E-mail: is.jl-inu.vdf@lkets.soraj

For the status of a student with special needs, the status of a parent – mother/father:
Mateja Zorko Stopar Phone: +386 (0)1/ 5805-129 E-mail: