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Social Sciences Research Institute

  • Development through research.

    We execute about 80 research projects annually, funded partly by the State and partly by contracts with other organizations or institutions.

Will the gender pay gap persist in advanced societies?

A study led by the University of California, joined by the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Social Sciences (UL FDV), found that pay practices and barriers to promotion are to blame for women earning less than men in the 15 countries analysed.

27. March 2023 | Research

New publication of the results of a survey on an e-care support system with physical activity monitoring function

Authors doc. Dr Simona Hvalič Touzery, Mojca Šetinc and Assoc. prof. Dr Vesna Dolničar from the Centre for Social Informatics at the UL FDV, among others, noted that the positive effects of using the tested service were: increased physical activity, awareness of its importance and a greater sense of security.

31. January 2023 | Research

Empowerment for achieving behavioral and social change

Behavior change practitioners and police makers often claim to #empower people. But do they?

2. June 2022 | Research

Researchers from the Faculty of Social Sciences presented a paper at WAPOR 2018 conference

Dr. Simona Zavratnik (Center for Spatial Sociology), M.A. Živa Broder and Rebeka Falle Zorman (Public Opinion Research Center) attended WAPOR 71st Annual Conference: Public Opinion Research in a Changing World. They presented a paper: Public opinion and migration: the case study from a Slovenian perspective, which was published in »Teorija in praksa« in 2017

4. July 2018 | Research, Event, International

The Social Sciences Research Institute is the largest research institute for Social Sciences in Slovenia. Research at the Institute is carried out within the framework of national and international research programmes. Intensive research is carried out within European Union research projects, but researchers and research centres are also involved in other international research.  

VICE-DEAN for Research: dr. Andreja Jaklič.


RSF s.E.2.1 v okviru EUTOPIA MORE

prof.dr. Tomaž Deželan | 1. September 2023 - 30. November 2026 | CPR

N6-0302-Spominjanje začetkov digitalizacije: kulturološki in medijskoarheološki vidiki tehnotopizma, tehnopesimizma in tehnonostalgije Natalija Majsova | 1. August 2023 - 31. July 2025 | CPKR

NOO VŽU, Vseživljenjsko učenje, trajnostni razvoj in dolgoživa družba

asist.dr. Otto Gerdina | 1. August 2023 - 31. December 2025 | DS NOO

NOO IUČ, Digitalni študijski program

doc.dr. Tanja Kerševan | 1. March 2023 - 31. December 2025 | Delavna skupina NOO

NOO VŽU, Mapiranje

doc.dr. Jana Arbeiter | 1. March 2023 - 31. December 2025 | Delavna skupina NOO

NOO VŽU, Sodobna družbena tveganja Simona Zavratnik | 1. March 2023 - 31. December 2025 | Delavna skupina NOO

Religijske skupnosti v virtualni dobi

prof.dr. Aleš Črnič | 1. November 2022 - 31. October 2024 | CPKR

E+ Flexible LEarning Communities Supporting Lifelong learning Across Borders

prof.dr. Tomaž Deželan | 1. August 2023 - 31. December 2024 | CPR

Fostering capacity building for civic resilience and participation: Dialogic communication ethics and accountability

prof.dr. Marko Milosavljević | 1. June 2023 - 31. May 2026 | CDTPR

MP- Training - 2023

doc.dr. Janez Štebe | 1. April 2023 - 31. December 2023 | ADP


doc.dr. Janez Štebe | 1. April 2023 - 31. December 2023 | ADP

Smart and green innovation approaches for scaling up digital transformation opportunities in CE

asist. Lea Lebar | 1. March 2023 - 28. February 2026 | CDI

TrueDem - Zaupanje v demokracijo in evropske institucije

Head: prof.dr. Alenka Krašovec | Period: 1. January 2023 - 31. December 2025 | CPR

Higher Education resilience in refugee crises: forging social inclusion though capacity building, civic engagement and skills recognition Simona Zavratnik | 1. December 2022 - 31. May 2025 | CPS