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Centre for Social Psychology

  • Centre for Social Psychology

Centre for Social Psychology deals with the analysis of the social inter-space between macro-sociological structures and institutions and practices that belong to the micro-sphere of everyday life. The research programme of the Centre includes the study of family life, life styles and identity formation, as well as bio-politics such as health, body and sexuality, and is oriented towards the study of specific social groups and minorities that are subjected to social exclusion, discrimination and marginalisation (youth, women, sexual minorities...). The methodological approach combines fundamental theoretical and empirical studies of target populations since the early 1990s. The work of the Centre has an impact on governmental and non-governmental organisations and policies (such as family, youth and health policies).

PAVŠAL NOO BF 8.16, ULTRA@AGRIFOOD: znanje, spretnosti in kompetence za trajnostni, podnebno nevtralni in krožno prehranski sistem

prof.dr. Tanja Kamin | 1. December 2023 - 31. December 2025

Mlada raziskovalka Alja Pehar

prof.dr. Tanja Kamin | 1. October 2023 - 30. September 2027

Rainbow Families – empower and connect (CareFor)

doc.dr. Nina Perger | 1. May 2023 - 31. January 2024

CRP V3-2331 Zaviralni in spodbujevalni dejavniki odziva odrasle populacije na preventivni program in program krepitve zdravja Skupaj za zdravje MZ del

prof.dr. Tanja Kamin | 1. October 2022 - 30. April 2024

JACARDI: Joint Action on CARdiovascular diseases and Diabetes

prof.dr. Tanja Kamin | 1. November 2023 - 31. December 2027

MP-TRANS BUDDY Building the Capacity of Transgender People to Respond to the need of Transgender Youth in Accessing Gender Confirmation Healthcare

doc.dr. Nina Perger | 1. October 2020 - 31. March 2021

EU/H2020: NEWCOMERS - New clean energy communities in a changing European energy system

prof.dr. Tanja Kamin | 1. June 2019 - 31. May 2022


prof.dr. Tanja Kamin | 1. September 2018 - 31. December 2023