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ReSTI project continues, for nearly one year - activities information

Excellence in research, social and technological innovation (ReSTI) project management is producing expected results. In the last quarter of 2017 University of Ljubljana (UL) focused on review of project management status and expectations in Slovenia. For collection of existing and expected knowledge over 100 addresses were contacted to participate in the ReSTI survey in November 2017. Forty people participated in online survey, majority were women (29), education level in majority was PhD (21) coming from educational type working place (24).

29. January 2018 | News

CSI hosted prof. Mick Couper from the University of Michigan

In December, Centre for Social Informatics (CSI) hosted prof. Mick Couper from the Institute for Social Research of the University of Michigan. Prof. Couper is one of the leading experts in web survey methodology and the author of several books and numerous influential scientific papers in this field.

22. December 2017 | News

Visiting professor dr. Maria Prosperina Vitale from the University of Salerno lectured on social network data collection and data analysis

Faculty of Social Sciences hosted Assoc. Prof. Maria Prosperina Vitale, Ph. D., and doctoral student Pierluigi Vitale from University of Salerno (Italy) between December 12 and 14. Prof. Vitale visited the faculty within the Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility programme, in cooperation with the Chair of Social Informatics and Methodology, Centre for Social Informatics and Centre for Methodology and Informatics.

15. December 2017 | News

ISOLearn project recognised as Good Practice example of Erasmus+ programme

Innovation and Social Learning in Higher Education Institutions (ISOLearn) project was recognised as Good Practice of the Erasmus+ programme. The project started on October 1 2014 and ended on September 30 2016. During the project the guidelines to promote equal opportunities and improve the quality of the higher education offers to visual and hearing impaired persons were designed.

14. December 2017 | News

Healthday.si 2017, Lateral approaches to innovation in healthcare

The annual conference of the Slovenian ECHAlliance ecosystem was held in Ljubljana on December 6 2017. Main aim of the conference was to connect relevant stakeholders in the field of healthcare in a way that enables the implementation of the projects aimed at improving health and quality of life for all, as well as creating new opportunities for employees and companies in the health sector.

7. December 2017 | News

About the centre

The Centre for Social Informatics (CSI) was established in 2011 and currently includes 22 researchers drawn from various disciplines as required by the complexity of Internet society research. CSI activities refer to the area of social informatics, a discipline dealing with the role of information and communication technology (ICT) in contemporary society. The research projects at CSI are related to web survey methodology and the use of digital technology in social science data collection in general, safe use of the Internet, social media, digital inequality, web and mobile usability etc. Researchers at CSI are one of the world’s leading groups in the area of the web survey methodology. They have published numerous scientific articles, created the related global website WebSM (http://www.websm.org), and developed a tool for creating and managing web surveys EnKlikAnketa (OneClickSurvey: http://english.1ka.si/). In 2015, they gathered their scientific findings in the book Callegaro, Lozar Manfreda, Vehovar: Web survey methodology published by Sage. Since January 2015, the CSI has been granted with the research programme “Internet Research”, directed by Prof. Vasja Vehovar, PhD, which aims to investigate the Internet as an object and as a tool for social science research. 

Head of CSI: prof. Vasja Vehovar, PhD

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E-mail: cdi@fdv.uni-lj.si, Tel: +386 1 5805 286, LinkedIn

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National projects


OneClickSurvey An open source application for creating, conducting and analyzing online surveys. The use is without any restrictions and free of charge. More >>


Internet research - Research programme, that covers the Internet as a research object and the Internet as a tool for social science research. More >>


UL student's surveys – Conducting of student's surveys at University of Ljubljana to evaluate the courses, professors and to measure the general satisfaction of students. More >>


Smart ICT Solutions for Active and Healthy Ageing: Integrating Informal e-Care Services in Slovenia - The project develops an integrated theory-driven and evidence-based approach in order to stimulate the uptake of technological solutions for AHA. More >>


Integration of mobile devices into survey research in social sciences: Development of a comprehensive methodological approach. More >>


Resources, methods and tools for the understanding, identification and classification of various forms of socially unacceptable discourse in the information society. More >>

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International projects

ReSTI logo1

Excellence-in-ReSTI - The project aims to create an innovative learning system for training young project managers in the field of social and technological innovation in the Danube Region. More >>


ITHACA - Project involves 9 European regions with a shared ambition to accelerate the scaling up of smart health and care innovation that can support active and healthy living. More >>

Safe.Si - Awareness project about safer internet usage and safe usage of all other new technologies. More >>

Hotline Spletno oko - Enables internet users anonymous report of hate speech and child sexual abuse images while they come across online. More >>

WebSM -WebSM website is dedicated to the methodological issues of Web surveys. It also covers broader area of interaction between modern technologies and survey data collection process. More >>

M-aging - The project is directed towards studying sociotechnical affordances of ATs in mobile phones to foster inclusive and empowered ageing of the heterogeneous group of the elderly. More >>

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