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Centre for the Analysis of Administrative-Political Processes and Institutions

  • Center for analysis of administrative-political processes and institutions

The centre is currently not active.

We welcome you at the homepage of the Centre for the Analysis of Administrative-Political Processes and Institutions (‘CAAPPI’), that at the Faculty of social science (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) covers research activity in the spheres of public administration, local government and administrative-political processes and institutions. The CAAPPI’s main role is to develop fundamental and applied administrative and/or political science, to develop different applied (sub)disciplines in the field of public administration and international comparative research and, finally, to maintain international co-operation in European and the wider international space. At the same time CAAPPI is one of the co-publishers of the Journal of comparative politics (JCP). We wish that you would find all necessary information about CAAPPI and JCP

Merge with ORC from October 1 2021

Vodenje lokalne skupnosti: birokratizacija politike ali politizacija birokracije?

Project leader at FDV: Simona Kukovič | Duration: 1. September 2018 - 31. August 2020

Raziskovanje ravni aktivnega državljanstva med študenti UL

prof.dr. Miro Haček | 1. May 2015 - 31. October 2015

EU/E+/CBHE: EuroPS - Curriculum Development Joint European Political Science MA

prof.dr. Miro Haček | 1. September 2015 - 31. August 2017


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