Centre for Political Theory

  • Centre for Political Theory

Centre for Political Theory was established in 2006 and is one of the research centres within the framework of the Institute of Social Sciences (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana). Main research topics of the Centre are democracy, citizenship, citizenship/civic education, globalisation and its socio-political impacts, im(migration), and other. Besides current socio-political issues, the members of the Centre also conduct research on the history of political processes, institutions and ideas. Members of the centre regularly participate at international political science events and actively cooperate with other scientific institutions from Slovenia and from abroad.

Aktivno državljanstvo v globalni dobi

doc.dr. Marinko Banjac | 1. March 2013 - 30. November 2013 | CPT

EU/E+/SP-Youth: PRISOP - Mladina ustvarja: partnerstvo za razvoj izobraževanja za socialno podjetništvo

doc.dr. Marinko Banjac | 1. January 2016 - 31. January 2018 | CPT

EU/E+/Jean Monnet-Project: STANDUP for your career: Innovative humour - based approach to teaching and learning EU topics

doc.dr. Marinko Banjac | 1. September 2015 - 31. August 2017 | CPT

EU/E+/SP-Youth: Recognize it - Priznajmo neformalno

doc.dr. Marinko Banjac | 1. February 2015 - 31. December 2016 | CPT

EU/LLP/Eurydice and Policy Support: 4YOUTH - A Partnership for Youth: Towards new Learning Pathways for better Employability of Young Active Citizens

doc.dr. Marinko Banjac | 1. April 2013 - 31. March 2014 | CPT