Centre for Organisational and Human Resources Research

  • Centre for Organisational and Human Resources Research

  • Centre for Organisational and Human Resources Research

The basic framework of the Centre’s activities is an important social change that the general public often defines as 'the transition to a knowledge society'. Centre is focused on identifying social conditions and consequences of this transition, as well as the search for appropriate policies and management practices that enable this transition and reduce its undesirable social effects. Within this framework, members of the Centre research the labour market, employment systems, education, industrial relations and social partnership; on a micro level  profitable as well as other organizations; with a special emphasis on the mutual interference of the both levels: systemic and organizational.

TP Uvajanje sodelavcev v organizacijo prek sodelovanja z akademskimi institucijami.

doc.dr. Andrej Kohont | 1. October 2019 - 30. September 2020

Segmentacija nestandardnega zaposlovanja v Sloveniji (Slovene)

Head: prof.dr. Miroslav Stanojević | Period: 1. July 2018 - 30. June 2021

Mlada raziskovalka Jasna Mikič

asist. Jasna Mikić | 1. October 2016 - 30. September 2020

Mladi raziskovalec Marko Hočevar

asist. Marko Hočevar | 1. October 2016 - 30. September 2020

EU/Employment and Social Innovation Programme: ARTUS-CEE - Articulation of the Trade Unions' Strategies on upward convergence of social standards in the enlarged European Union – voice of CEE countries

asist.dr. Branko Bembič | 1. March 2019 - 31. March 2021

MP/EUROFOUND: EIRO - European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions - EIRO Network of Correspondents

prof.dr. Aleksandra Kanjuo Mrčela | 1. March 2018 - 28. February 2021

EU/H2020: GTM3 - Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 3

doc.dr. Andrej Kohont | 1. January 2017 - 31. December 2020