Military Specific Risk and Protective Factors for Military Family Health Outcomes

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Military Families as an Invisible Pillar of the Military Profession

Military families have been an important topic in different fields of science around the world for at least 50 years, while Slovenia is breaking new ground by putting down what is currently known and taking a comprehensive approach to studying military families.

19. June 2020 | Vojaške družine, Vsebinske ugotovitve

Special Issue of Contemporary Military Challlenges on Military Families

As part of the scientific research project Military Specific Risk and Protective Factors for Military Family Health Outcomes, a special issue of the scientific-professional publication of the Slovenian Armed Forces, the journal Contemporary Military Challenges dedicated to military families was published.

19. June 2020 | Vojaške družine

Project Leaflet

In order to reach all the interested public, a leaflet was published offering basic info on the content and purpose of the research project.

24. September 2019 | Vojaške družine

About the project

1_ o projektuResearch project  Military specific risk and protective factors for military family health outcomes presents first comprehensive research effort on military families in Slovenia. Research is planned to include specific risk and protective factors on different socio-economic levels, with the goal of identifiying their strength and direction of influence on military families' health outcomes. Project is financed by Slovenian Research Agency (code  J5 – 1786)


Project phases 

3_faze projekta

Duration of the project is divided into several different phases, which are planned continously in order to reach the most efficent research results.

Project management and dissemination of the results is running through the whole duration of the project.  



anketaComming soon....

From the life of military families 

Project Leaflet 2 Project Leaflet 1


»….…. everybody lives with my career, my parents who come to help when we need them, my husband who understands my career and professional work, and my children who are able to do their homework without me, when necessary. With such family support, it is much easier to perform my primary mission and it is much easier to combine family – career demands…..«

Major Nina Raduha, M.A. in criminal justice, member of the Slovenian Armed Forces


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