Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Key findings of the research project

In order to present the key findings of the project, the research team prepared a booklet presenting main purpose of the project, its methodology and key findings. The purpose of the research project was to systematically investigate the military family’s ecological system and the risk factors that affect the well-being and health of Slovenian Armed forces’ service members and their families.

The analysis of empirical data covered the individual, micro, meso and macro levels of social agency, and we developed our own model of the main health outcomes and well-being of military families as well as the risk factors affecting them. Risk factors were placed in the Bronfenbrenner socioecological model.

Since we also strived to establish whether the risk factors are military-specific, i.e. if they are statistically significantly different compared to the civilian sample, the quantitative part of the research was conducted in the form of questionnaires administered to both military and civilian samples.


Booklet is availble on the link.



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