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Taiwan Resource Centre for Chinese Studies (TRCCS)


The Taiwan Resource Centre for Chinese Studies (TRCCS), hosted by the EARL, is one of just 25 institutions of this kind around the world. It provides access to a vast number of books, articles and various digitalised materials to EARL users and the general public. Materials were donated by National Central Library of Taiwan.


Currently, the TRCCS offers more than 1100 books covering social sciences and arts. It offers free access to the following databases:

Guo cui xue bao ziliaoku (國粹學報全文資料庫)
Contains articles of influential Chinese intelectuals from the period of decline of the Qing dynasty. Articles are published in classical Chinese betwen the years 1905 and 1911.

Quanwen baozhi ziliaoku (全文報紙資料庫資料庫)
Contains articles from 8 newspapers: United Daily, Economics Daily, Minsheng Daily, United Evening News, The Star, Upaper, World News America, Europe Daily. Altogether more than 11.900.000 articles.

Sinica Sinoweb database
Sinica Sinoweb provides full-text access to the archive of 14 journals from Taiwan’s highly distinguished Academia Sinica, with the earliest dating back to as early as 1928.

Intellectual history of Chinese Studies

Interviews with experts in Chinese studies

Monographs of Chinese studies

Databases provided by the National Central Library (NCL):

Digital Images of Rare Books

Union Catalog of Rare Books Database

Bronze & Stone Rubbing Database

PerioPath: Index to Taiwan Periodical Literature System

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