China Corner Reading Beijing


EARL has established a co-operation with The Capital Library of China, one of the largest libraries in China, to provide the China Corner called Reading Beijing. An official ongoing Memorandum of Understanding between the Capital Library of China and the University of Ljubljana has been signed in 2017.


Current collection of books, which CLCN contributes to the EARL, exceeds 1800 and more will be added every year.  

CLCN also provides EARL with access to the largest online China-based collection, the CNKI. The database includes academic and other journals, doctoral dissertations, masters' theses, proceedings, newspapers, yearbooks, statistical yearbooks, ebooks, patents, standards etc. The resources provide readers with the latest developments in Chinese academic research and current affairs.  

Users can access CNKI in from the library's location. Click here to access (note: Access via password only. Ask for assistance at the information desk.).

The opening