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Japan Corner


The Japan Corner in the EARL with its rich collection of Japan literature and other teaching resources offers a strong library and research resources support for the study of Japanese culture, society, economy, and politics. EARL is a partner within the European CEDDREJ consortium for Japan databases.


A wealthy collection of books and articles, includes the library of the distinguished professor Eshun Hamaguchi and books from Japan Foundation grant. The EARL also offers JapanKnowledgeLib database, financed by Japan Foundation. This is a portal to Japanese encyclopaedias, dictionaries and databases that provide access to various reference sources in Japan including Encyclopaedia Nipponica, Kodansha Encyclopaedia of Japan, Progressive Japanese-English/English-Japanese Dictionaries, Gendai Yogo No Kiso Chishiki, Nihon Jinmei Daijiten, recent issues of the Economist Japanese edition, collection of Toyo Bunko series, and other visual and sound databases.

Access to JapanKnowledgeLib database: Link 

Catalogue of books in Japan Corner.

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