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Launching a probability-based web panel at the Centre for Social Informatics

At the Centre for Social Informatics (CSI) we are launching a probability-based online panel – the CDI panel – beginning in June 2024. The CDI panel enables the integration of survey questions into an infrastructure in which the optimal balance between costs and errors is achieved. This type of panels are established in almost all developed countries, primarily catering to specific academic and public research needs.

Social science research covering various thematic areas such as the internet, health, politics, and other current social topics is conducted within the CDI panel.

The CDI panel was established based on two ARIS projects – “Probability web panels in national statistics for persons and households” and “Evaluating probability and nonprobability online panels”, led by Vasja Vehovar, PhD, and the establishment itself is also coordinated with the Public Opinion and Mass Communication Research Centre – POMCRC.

All information regarding the CDI panel is available on the website:

All future users of the panel who intend to produce a high-quality probability survey are invited to include their questions in the CDI panel.

If you are interested or have any questions, you can contact the project leader:

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