Launch of the project "Using paradata to evaluate response quality in web surveys"

In July 2018, the members of the Centre for the Social Informatics (CSI) at the University of Ljubljana (UL), Faculty of Social Sciences, started the implementation of the basic project entitled "Using paradata to evaluate response quality in web surveys", which is co-financed by the Slovenian Research Agency. The leader of the basic project, which will last three years, is Vasja Vehovar, PhD.

The project addresses data quality from computerized self-administered surveys, which is of great importance in the social research methodology. We seek to provide: new knowledge with a systematic literature review and global research practices on the uses of paradata, understanding of the relationship between paradata, response quality and the effects of removing units with low quality responses, new approaches for identifying low quality responses and the development of standardized composite indicators that are based on paradata and are related to respondent's behavior when answering survey questions, the quality of his responses and his social and psychological characteristics, with the aim of enriching the survey data.

Back to list of notificationsPublished: 13. August 2018 | Category: News