ITHACA Project Final Conference

The final conference of ITHACA project in September 2021 marked the end of the five-year Interreg Europe project. Five years ago, partners from nine regions in Europe set out to adapt their health  and care policies and find new solutions to support active and healthy aging for the growing population of older adults. ITHACA journey was all about community building, connection, engagement, and learning about transformation and scaling of innovation in health and care, all this to improve our policies to create a substantial impact on active and healthy living.

The conference was held (and livestreamed) in a small Dutch town near Tilburg and was opened with the keynote speaker, Professor Jutta Treviranus from the College of Toronto. Three round table discussions with project partners and stakeholders from the participating regions were organised. Speakers expressed their personal experiences and memories, the importance of trust between partners and experiences with mutual learning.

A CDI representative Vesna Dolničar actively participated in the round table discussions. She highlighted the importance of user experience in the development of assistive technologies and the positive impact that these services have on end users. Drago Rudel, a representative of MKS d. o. o., stressed the valuable networking and collaboration that was made possible for him through the ITHACA project. The conference was also attended by Emilija Guštin, a representative of the Ministry of Health, and Lea Lebar.

You are kindly invited to watch a recording of the event.

Yet the end of the project does not mean the end of mutual cooperation for the project partners. The very next day, the partners started with a new one-year project that will continue the work of ITHACA. The group, which previously shared best practices in assistive technologies, will now develop them further in the context of the COVID -19 epidemic.


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