CSI with a new ARRS programme

The Centre for Social Informatics launched a new ARRS programme named "Internet Research", which is being led by Prof. Vasja Vehovar, PhD. Programme members will research the Internet as an object and the Internet as a tool for social science research.

With respect to THE INTERNET AS A RESEARCH OBJECT, the research programme largely focuses on the following topics:

  • the Internet’s role in e-social sciences for the integration of virtual collaboration in all stages of the research process;
  • digital inequalities with an emphasis on overcoming the exclusion of the elderly, using an analysis of the digital divide based on the time distance methodology;
  • safer Internet and the prevention of illegal and harmful contents on the Internet;
  • factors and consequences of (Internet-related) media multi-tasking associated with the use of ICTs in everyday life;
  • the adoption of advanced assistive and mobile technologies to improve the social inclusion and quality of life of various population groups; and
  • and innovative applications of interactive online games in informal education.

With respect to the INTERNET AS A RESEARCH TOOL, the programme examines the advancement of innovative knowledge and methods related to Internet-mediated data collection:

  • researching the methodological determinants of data quality in web surveys;
  • new challenges of web survey applications (e.g. like online panels, mobile devices etc.);
  • integration of artificial intelligence and language technologies into questionnaire development and data collection;
  • refinement of usability methods for testing Internet services on multi-functional mobile devices based on the characteristics of the target populations; and
  • and the use of paradata (digital footprints) for an in-depth analysis of the behavioural patterns of participants involved in Internet-mediated data collection.

More information is available on the SICRIS website.

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