CSI hosted 8th Web Survey Day

Centre for Social Informatics (CSI) organized 8th Web Survey Day which was held on 25th September 2019. The event is intended for professional public of online surveys’ users and 1KA users.

In the first part of the event prof. dr. Vasja Vehovar presented trends on the field of web surveys and the development of web survey tool 1KA. He stressed out that most of the surveys are conducted by mobile phones therefor we need to consider the rule of “mobile first”. He also emphasized the issue of non-response that is still growing. This means that more innovative and more expensive methods are necessary, which are effective also for longer surveys. Prof. Vehovar also stressed out that in the first year GDPR did not have special effect on the survey process and that 1KA has one of the most advanced GDPR support for surveys (more).   

Prof. Mick Couper from University of Michigan (USA) gave a lecture about the practical challenges in web survey methodology. He emphasized the coverage issue. He said that smart phones do not solve this issue and that the digital divide is still present. He also stressed out that the response rates and interruption rates are lower when using a smart phone compared to computers. His researches also show that answering a survey by using smart phones takes more time. Despite that, we can solve many of these issues if we accordingly prepare and develop the questionnaire.     

In the second part, the parallel workshops for different 1KA users were conducted. Dr. Gregor Čehovin conducted a workshop intended for basic users where he did a systematic overview of the main functionalities of the 1KA tool. Miha Matjašič and Katja Zrim conducted a workshop for advanced users where they presented advanced functionalities and new developments of 1KA tool in the last year. In the parallel workshop, Peter Hrvatin presented various 1KA integration possibilities (API) and the development of custom solutions for customers.

Materials are available for registered users >>


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