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Master of International Relations

The program provides students with in-depth and extended knowledge in international relations. Graduates of the first cycle degree program who are interested in world politics and have the necessary knowledge to be actively involved in the studies of social sciences, particularly political science, economics, law or regional studies, or language studies, are invited to enroll. In the program, students will develop independent analytical thinking skills to be able to think about the modern world and its developmental and structural dimensions, as well as about the functioning of international institutions and other international actors. The topics covered in the program include the balance of power in the international system, the distribution of income around the world, and economic development and poverty, all addressed by theories of international relations. Course subjects are updated every year to address contemporary problems, issues and changes such as climate change, the process of globalization, inequalities, conflicts, artificial intelligence, the role of fake news, migration and regional integration, multilateralism and changing superpowers. The study program focuses on the development of some specific skills, such as knowledge of professional foreign languages, understanding and practising decision-making processes, leadership, organization and communication. Students will have the opportunity to meet and listen to guest lecturers from the most prestigious European universities and guests who will share their practical experiences. They will participate in professional excursions abroad. The Department of International Relations that delivers the program, also organizes a number of professional and social activities in cooperation with students and alumni.

Candidates who has not finished their BA programme from the fields of international relations/european studies, can enroll in the Spring Seminar, which enables them to continue their studies in the Master of International Relations.


Student Affairs Office:

Programme Coordinator:
Dr. Ana Bojinović Fenko

Quick facts

Type: second level Master study programme of International Relations
Duration: 2 years
ECTS: 120
Language: English
Professional title: Master in International Relations / magister/-ica mednarodnih odnosov

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Subject Plan

Elective courses

Elective courses

General competences

Students who complete the program will be experts in the field of international relations, which will enable them to develop their careers both, in academia and in practice. 


Graduates of the Master's study program in International Relations can find employment in a wide variety of fields such as diplomacy, in the United Nations and other international institutions...

Chair of International Relations

Department's mission is to provide for excellence in teaching and research of international relations for the benefit of people and of environment in Slovenia and in the world.