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Professional Development

  • Expect the best

    You are here because you feel that the knowledge you acquired as a student needs a competent upgrade.

  • Refresh your knowledge

    Keep in touch with your profession, refresh your knowledge and stay on top.

Knowledge is not just about diplomas. It is about a lifelong learning process and staying competitive in the ever more demanding world of professional development. Refresh your academic knowledge and integrate it successfully with your professional pursuit. Our faculty offers different kinds of lifelong learning, suitable for your individual needs.

Spring Seminar: Introduction to International Relations and European Studies

Do you want to continue your studies in the field of International Relations (IR) or European Studies (ES), but you do not yet hold a degree in IR or in ES? Would you like to be fully prepared for your graduate (MA) studies in IR or in ES?

By attending this interactive seminar, you will be introduced to the discipline of IR and to the fundamentals of ES, as well as to the selected issue-areas, that are all essential for your successful continuation of you graduate studies of IR or ES at our faculty. You will learn the fundamentals so that you will be fully equipped to participate in all seminars and discussions, as well as to engage in your own research right from the beginning of your MA studies.

When: from March to May 2023, in the late afternoon
Where: online, via Zoom 
Who: 9 lecturers from the Faculty of Social Sciences 
How: 28 hours of interactive workshops
Language: English
For whom: for domestic and foreign undergraduate students or graduates in other disciplines who wish to enrol in postgraduate programmes of IR or ES
Number of participants: 7–15

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Seminars, workshops, other courses

We offer different kinds of informal education, if you want to stay in touch with current, professional, or other interesting issues, which do not include examination. You will receive a certificate of attendance, which is useful in procedures for recognition of skills and at enrolment into study programmes.

Foreign language courses

We provide beginner and advanced foreign language courses. Courses are prepared with an emphasis on technical terminology and usage in different disciplines. After completion of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance, which is useful in procedures for recognition of skills and at enrolment into study programmes.

Custom education

We provide educational services for groups, completely tailored to the needs of your organization and employees. Training can take place either at the faculty or at your organization.

Formal education

You can choose subjects from accredited study programmes at the faculty. Study is equivalent to the valid credit system and you have the same obligations as students enrolled in the regular study programmes. At the end of the course you receive a certificate and course credits that can be used in formal study programmes and elsewhere.

Why choose us

Take advantage of our faculty’s academic experience:
- We offer high quality seminars for different professional profiles (communication, non-profit organization management, journalism and political studies, as well as acquisition of new linguistic knowledge and applicable skills).
- We have the longest tradition of social research and pedagogical work in Slovenia.
- We are one of the largest interdisciplinary public institutions in Europe.