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Spring Seminar Introduction to International Relations and European Studies

Spring Seminar Introduction to International Relations and European Studies is a programme that allows participants to gain the basic knowledge in the discipline of International Relations (IR) and in the field of European Studies (ES) so that they will meet the application requirements for our master’s programmes in IR and ES (two years, 2nd cycle, 120 ECTS).

Why enrol in the Spring Seminar?

Do you want to enrol in our newly accredited master’s programmes in IR or ES? Are you an EU citizen or a non-EU citizen, with a diploma (1st cycle, at least 180 ECTS), earned or to be earned this academic year, in fields other than IR or ES? If you do not yet meet the entry requirements as you studied something else than IR and ES, but you wish to continue your education in IR or ES at the graduate level? Sign up for the Spring Seminar! Completed obligations of the seminar are one of the possibilities of acquiring the necessary knowledge for enrolment at the IR or ES.

The Spring Seminar enables students to acquire the basic knowledge in IR or ES and the 10 credit points (ETCS) in the relevant discipline, which is an enrolment criterion that is to be met by all candidates before their application to the respective MA programme. Every candidate for graduate study (IR or ES) has to apply to the respective programme.

Application deadline: 25 March 2022 or until places are available
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How is the seminar organised?

The interactive seminar with a maximum of 15 participants and with 9 lecturers from the Faculty of Social Sciences is conducted online, via Zoom, in English, in late afternoons (CET). There are 28 hours of interactive workshops. All sessions are based on the literature to be studied by participants beforehand, as part of their preparation for in-class discussions at workshops.

What is covered?

International Relations as a Phenomenon and IR as a Discipline
- Understanding of the international community (Prof. Dr. Zlatko Šabič): workshop, 3 hours
- Theories and research in the discipline of International Relations and in European Studies (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marko Lovec): workshop, 3 hours

International Economic Relations
- Theories of international exchange (Prof. Dr. Andreja Jaklič): workshop, 4 hours
- Regional economic integration (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anže Burger): workshop, 2 hours

International Law and Institutions
- Public international law (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Matjaž Nahtigal): workshop, 4 hours 
- International organisations (Prof. Dr. Zlatko Šabič): workshop, 2 hours
- European integration (Assist. Prof. Dr. Jure Požgan): tutorials, 2 hours

Selected Issues of International Relations
- International development (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Matjaž Nahtigal): workshop, 2 hours
- Human rights (Prof. Dr. Petra Roter): workshop, 2 hours
- Diplomacy (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boštjan Udovič): workshop, 2 hours
- Foreign policy (Prof. Dr. Ana Bojinović Fenko): workshop, 2 hours

Individual work: an academic essay based on a systematic literature review (a written assignment).

Course syllabus

Who are the lecturers?
The lecturers are Prof. Dr. Ana Bojinović Fenko (the academic co-ordinator of the Spring Seminar), Prof. Dr. Zlatko ŠabičAssoc. Prof. Dr. Marko LovecProf. Dr. Andreja JakličAssoc. Prof. Dr. Anže BurgerAssoc. Prof. Dr. Matjaž NahtigalAssist. Prof. Dr. Jure PožganProf. Dr. Petra Roter and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boštjan Udovič.

Academic co-ordinator: Prof. Dr. Ana Bojinović Fenko
Teacher tutors: Assist. Prof. Dr. Jana Arbeiter (MA in IR) and Assist. Faris Kočan (MA in ES)

How to complete the programme?

The programme is successfully completed (and you will earn 10 ECTS as a requirement for enrolment into the master’s programmes of IR or ES) with demonstrating your competence to write a short written paper/academic essay (30% of the final grade) and your basic knowledge of IR and ES at an oral exam (70% of the final grade).


750 EUR/600 EUR for alumni of the University of Ljubljana and for students at the University of Ljubljana (a certificate of enrolment is to be provided). 

The fee can be paid in three instalments.
An invoice will be issued and sent via email.


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