Skoči do osrednje vsebine

ECTS Points

Participants have the opportunity to earn 5 (3+2) or 10 (6+4) credits confirmed by the University of Ljubljana based on a total workload of 30 hours for one credit. On successful completion of the required work as detailed below, confirmed by the Instructor, credit certificates will be issued.

ECTS credits are awarded for successful completion of the following:

  • Preparatory work and reading which must be completed before first day of classes (the list will be send to registered participants),
  • Classes, lectures and lab hours (4 x 45 minutes per day, at least 80% attendance), 
  • Assignments during the Summer School (up to 5 hours per day, a passing grade),
    • All together 3 ECTS for 5-day courses and 6 ECTS for 10-day courses
  • Project work on final research report (a passing grade) that has to be submitted three weeks after final day of classes.
    • 2 ECTS for 5-day courses and 4 ECTS for 10-day courses

N.B: on Ph.D. level a grade is PASS or FAIL (55 % required for pass)

Certificates of Attendance

In addition to ECTS Credit certificates, all participants who attend 80% of their course classes will receive a certificate of attendance.