Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Chair of Theoretical Sociology

  • Chair of Theoretical Sociology

    The Chair of Sociology builds on a rich tradition of theoretical and empirical research on the wide range of issues related to social life.

The Chair of Sociology is a dynamic academic community known for its high involvement in international research.

Its approximately 15 full-time teachers continue the work of previous generation of Slovenian sociologists. Some of the best-known figures of Slovene sociology- including Zdravko Mlinar, Peter Klinar, Niko Toš, Maca Jogan, Zdenko Rotar – were formerly based at the Faculty of social sciences. Today, our areas of emphasis are urban sociology, public opinion and mass communications, political sociology, identity formation, sociology of religion, sociology of family and gender studies.  A wide array of specialties is balanced with an emphasis on core sociological concepts, classical and contemporary sociological theory and methodology.  The teaching bears on the topics related to global social processes and local dynamics, such as globalization, social inequality, individualization and changes in everyday life.

Studies in sociology prepare students for research work, policy analysis, and management, in both public and private sector.