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  • Tutorship

Introduction to the tutoring system

What is tutorship?

Tutorship means systematically guiding students through their studies, not only focusing strictly on their academic development or study difficulties, but also on their personal development.

Purpose of tutoring at FDV:

- Facilitate students' integration into the academic environment.
- Guiding students through the study process and advising on study issues that arise during the study.
- Introducing students to the method of study.
- Informing students about all relevant changes to the rules related to the study process.
- Establishing relationships between participants in the educational process.
- Improving study results.
- Higher quality of studies.

    Activities for Master’s programme

    • November 2021 - First tutoring hour and introduction

    • January 2022 - Second tutoring hour and talk about the upcoming exam period

    • April 2022 - Third tutoring hour and talk about the upcoming exam period

    The exact dates of the tutoring hours will be announced in advance in the Facebook group of the Masters’s programme of Social Informatics.

    Tutors in the academic year 2021/2022:


    Vili Smolič - Student tutor for the Master's programme

    I have been a tutor for 2 years at the undergraduate level of SI. After completing my studies, I gained new experience through employment at the Statistical Office and the Social Science Data Archive, as well as with a master's degree in Applied Statistics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. I am also looking forward to sharing my experience and advice at the new SI master's programme, where this year we have a very colorful group of students from Slovenia and abroad. To help Erasmus students, my experience from Erasmus + exchanges and projects will also come in handy.

    You can contact me via e-mail (, on Discord (Vilke # 8356) or on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (Vili Smolič).


    EmilEmil Polajnar - Professor tutor

    I am an assistant professor of statistics at the Department of Social Informatics and Methodology, where I teach Statistics and Statistics in Data Analytics. Out of love for working with students and a desire to help others, I decided to become a professor tutor and thus open the door to any student questions, to help understand the material, or simply for an entertaining visit.

    In the cases described above or similar, you can find me in office B 112, most easily during the office hours, which are on Tuesdays between 16:00 and 18:00, or via e-mail: .