Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Application to the Faculty and Course Selection

Brochure FDV / Fact sheet FDV 2022-23 / 4_Welcome Guide for Exchange Students UL

International exchange students at the Faculty of Social Sciences must apply to the open call of their home university in accordance with the agreement signed with our faculty (Erasmus+ agreements, Bilateral / Inter-institutional agreements with non-EU countries or CEEPUS Agreements). Students selected for study exchange at our faculty must be officially nominated by their home university. Once nominated, students receive information on how to submit the application. The pre-arrival student’s application consists of four steps:

Online Application at the University of Ljubljana
Students receive a link with access to the online application and are requested to fill in their personal data and upload the following attachments:

    • Learning Agreement (LA): For the preliminary course selection, students are encouraged to read the Course Selection Guidelines below. The uploaded Learning Agreement must be signed by the student and confirmed by the home university, however, the signature by the University of Ljubljana is not yet required.
    • Transcript of Records: Students must obtain a document outlining all their grades awarded prior to submitting their application to the University of Ljubljana.
    • Language Certificate: Students must upload a language proficiency certificate demonstrating at least English level B2 of the Common European Framework of References (CEFR). Due to the course requirements, we are not able to admit students with lower levels of English proficiency. English native speakers do not need to provide certificates of English language proficiency.

Students should submit their online applications along with all the attachments before the deadline, as late or incomplete applications shall not be accepted. The application deadlines are:
- 15 May for the autumn semester/full academic year
- 15 November for the spring semester

Confirmation by the Faculty of Social Sciences
After reviewing applications and accepting students to the University of Ljubljana, the selected students will receive the confirmed Learning Agreement and further information about the university and the study process. Please note that a confirmed Learning Agreement is only a confirmation of a student’s mobility rather than a confirmation of their selected courses as students will have to apply for the courses at a later date. 

Application to the faculty’s Web Office My FDV (activating a digital identity (Digital ID))
Once their application has been confirmed, students will receive instructions regarding their Digital ID and access to the Web Office My FDV within the next few weeks.

Every student of the University of Ljubljana has their own digital identity, which is used to access the faculty’s online study platforms. It is comprised of a student’s username created by the system, and an individual password created by the student. The username resembles an email address, for example, and must be activated by the student along with the set password.

With the active Digital ID, students will gain access to the faculty Web Office My FDV where they will be able to access information about courses, check their timetable, receive notifications from lecturers, access study materials and apply for exams.

Online registration for courses via the Online Learning Agreement Application

  • Course catalogue details and limitations:

We offer courses to exchange students from our 23 bachelor and master study programmes in Political Science, Communication, Cultural Studies and Sociology (3 + 2). The English-taught courses can be found HERE (update for the next academic year takes place by June each year). Students with B2 Slovene language knowledge are welcome to contact us to discuss their options of enrolling in courses taught in the Slovenian language

Students should acknowledge the following limitations and obligations:

  • Some study programmes offer a limited number of English-taught courses and some might be limited by semester. We encourage students to consider the list of courses in order to avoid problems with their academic recognition.
  • Bachelor students can only register for bachelor courses, master students are allowed to register for both bachelor and master courses. Requirements for doctoral students are confirmed on an individual basis.
  • There are no minimum ECTS credits that students should obtain, but a maximum of 36 ECTS can be obtained per semester.
  • No timetable clash is permitted in the course selection.
  • Obligatory Online Course Registration (Online Learning Agreement Application- OLAA)

The preliminary Learning Agreement signed after the first application only confirms the student’s exchange at the Faculty of Social Sciences, but does not confirm the courses listed. Online course registration through the Online Learning Agreement Application (OLAA) should be completed approximately one month before the start of the semester. Students will receive all the information before the registration opens. Students are advised to review their selected courses, carefully considering the course syllabus and timetable.

The OLAA is user-friendly. Students enter the platform with a system generated username and password that they will receive beforehand. Due to a limited number of places in the courses, courses are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once students select and submit the course list, the Learning Agreement is automatically created and submitted to the university. Students do not receive a confirmation immediately upon submission. After the course registration deadline and closure of the OLAA, the Learning Agreement will be reviewed and returned to students, who can then make any changes, if required. Once the course selection is confirmed, the students and their mobility coordinator at their home university will receive a confirmed Learning Agreement by e-mail. The confirmation procedure might take up to two weeks after the OLAA closure. Once having received the final Learning Agreement in a PDF format, the selected courses are confirmed.

  • Drop Off period

During the Drop Off period in the first week of the semester, students will be offered the possibility to add, delete or change a course in the Web Office. Instructions on how to make changes will be given on the Welcome and Orientation Day.