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Chair of Defence Studies

  • Chair of Defence Studies

    By researching and teaching security, defence, military and peace issues, Chair contributes to the development of general security culture in the society.

Defence studies as an interdisciplinary research area, considering basic politological, communicological and sociological findings, at the University of Ljubljana studies social dimensions of security, defence, military and peace in a contemporary world from 1975. Chair of defence studies, part of Department of Political Science at Faculty of Social Sciences, organizes and (in cooperation with other chairs at the Faculty of Social Sciences) performs political science study programme – defence studies. Defence studies are mainly intended for education of future security and civilian military and defence experts, and to a large extent also educates professional soldiers (officers).

Acquired competencies as analytical skills, knowledge in the field of national and international security, teamwork, conflict resolution and management and ability of strategic thinking, enable graduates to perform effectively in national and international security institutions and also in enterprises/companies, mainly dealing with security issues or being aware of the high importance of security culture for their performance.

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