Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Study information


Welcome and Orientation Day PPT presentation (2023/24):

2023_24_Welcome and Orientation Day for International Students - Spring Semester


Pre-arrival/ Prior to mobility

Pre-arrival and residence information is available on the STUDY IN SLOVENIA or UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA webpages. Funding options are available on the SCHOLARSHIPS webpage.

Our ACADEMIC CALENDAR might be different to the calendar of your home university, so you should avoid applying during the faculty break or prior to completing the semester at your home university. Students are advised to arrive in Ljubljana one week before the official start of the semester to arrange accommodation, finalize administrative formalities and settle in.

LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS: courses offered to international exchange students are taught in English. Students must demonstrate at least English level B2 of the Common European Framework of References (CEFR). Language certificates must be uploaded with the first online application. Applicants with lower levels of English proficiency shall be rejected as they will be unable to follow the classes and fulfil the course obligations.

ACADEMIC WORKLOAD and GRADING SYSTEM: course syllabi are available in the course catalogue HERE. They indicate the number of ECTS credits and students’ workload. Students are graded according to our grading system from 1 to 10, where 6 corresponds to the lowest positive grade needed to pass the course. The grading system follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and can be easily converted as shown by the table below:

Grade 10 = excellent (91% - 100%)


Grade 9 = very good (81% - 90%)


Grade 8 = very good (71% - 80%)


Grade 7 = good (61% - 70%)


Grade 6 = satisfactory (51% - 60%)


Grade 5 = fail (less than 51%)




Upon arrival and during the mobility

The WELCOME AND ORIENTATION DAY is held in the week before the official start of the semester to prepare international exchange students for a problem free start to their studies at the Faculty of Social sciences and for their academic, social and daily life in Ljubljana. Students are introduced to the new environment, learn about the faculty and the university, obtain all the necessary practical information that they will need in the coming months and have the possibility to meet their fellow international students. Attending the Welcome and Orientation day is highly recommended and is considered as the official starting date of students’ mobility. If, for justified reasons, students cannot attend the Welcome and Orientation Day, they are required to visit the International Office upon their arrival at the faculty.


During the first week of the semester, students have the possibility to attend all the classes offered to exchange students to obtain all the necessary information about the content of the course and study obligations. Changes to students’ course selection are possible only in the Drop Off period in the first week of the semester. Students can change, add or delete their originally selected courses in the Web Office.

CONFIRMATION OF DOCUMENTS (for Erasmus+ students only)

Students who need to have their documents (Confirmation of Stay and Learning Agreement) confirmed, can put them in the box in front of the International Office and pick them up in the office in a day or two. Please note that the Learning Agreement can be confirmed only when the Drop Off period has ended.

Students are encouraged to use documents issued by their home university; however, our templates can also be used (Confirmation of Stay / LA).


The Faculty of Social Sciences uses “My FDV” as the official faculty Web Office. Students are granted access after the confirmation of their study period and after having activated their digital identity. Instructions are sent to students by e-mail before the start of the semester.


Course obligations can differ among the courses and are stipulated in the course syllabus. As a rule, class attendance is mandatory and a precondition to take the final exam. Students must register to take an exam at least five days prior to the exam date in the Web Office.

Student’s research work and final papers must be written according to the guidelines for writing and editing works at FDV prescribed by the APA citation style: .


The tutorial system provides systematic guidance and integration of students through their studies, regarding the academic environment, directing students through the study process and providing advice on the study issues that might arise, introducing students with the nature of studying and offering support in students’ personal development. There are four tutors for foreign students and the current list with their contacts is offered HERE (slov. “tutorji za tuje študente”).

The buddy system enables the integration of foreign students at non-binding and informal levels to alleviate the difficulties that foreign students might face, and to enable networking and socializing with Slovene students. The student matching process is arranged by the faculty, and the names of the buddies are sent to incoming students by e-mail just before the start of the semester. Buddies are usually students who have already studied abroad and are interested in networking with incoming students.


All the University of Ljubljana premises are covered with Eduroam, which works automatically if a student had activated it at the home university. If students haven’t used Eduroam before, they can activate it by following instructions at this link.


If students encounter problems or have any concerns about the course, or need advice on any issue, they should firstly get in touch with a fellow student, a tutor or a buddy, as they are there to help the students since they have quite likely faced similar issues. Also, the staff at the International Office are always prepared to help.

For any psychosocial support or legal assistance, a free and confidential counselling service is offered:

- Student Psychosocial Counselling - - Ms Anja Gruden (Faculty of Education), timetable and her contact in the link;

- Student Law Counselling -

023 After the mobility

After completing all the study obligations, the student’s exchange officially ends and they can return home. There is no need to stay in Ljubljana and wait to receive the final grades, as they will be available in the Web Office.

Documents students should obtain prior to departure:

  • Learning Agreement – After the mobility (if applicable) LA

    The courses listed on the student’s latest Learning Agreement must correspond with the courses in the Web Office My FDV. If not, the After the Mobility part of LA has to be filled in. Students should use the form from their home university, if available.


  • Confirmation of Studies CoS

The arrival and departure dates indicated on the Confirmation of Studies are linked to students’ academic performance and their obligations at the Faculty of Social Sciences:

  • arrival date is the date of the first academic obligation at the faculty, which is either the first day of the semester, the Welcome and Orientation Day or the beginning of the Slovenian language course, if attended;
  • departure date is the date of the last academic obligation at the university, which is either the last exam taken, the last submission of the final paper or the last presentation given.


    The documents can be signed only up to one-week prior to departure from Ljubljana and in person during the office hours of the International Office. Students should use the same form as the one they pre-filled upon arrival.

  • Transcript of Records

Once all the final grades have been recorded in the student’s Web Office, they can request an electronic Transcript of Records by sending an e-mail to