Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Information for foreign applicants

The Master’s program in Cultural Studies is open to students who are not proficient Slovenian-speakers, should they commit to a taking an intensive Slovenian language course in their first year.
The program is open to prospective candidates who have acquired a Bachelor’s degree (min. 180 ECTS). For more information regarding the enrolment procedure, contact Student affairs office. For help with related and other administrative issues, consult the Faculty’s resource for Foreign students, and Study in Slovenia resource.
Foreign applicants for the two-year Master’s program are proposed the following study plan:
Year 1: Personalized consultations in two core subjects (Theories of Culture and Cultural-Studies Research II). The student also commits to taking an intensive course in the Slovenian language
Year 2: Elective courses offered in Slovenian, with the option of submitting coursework and taking exams in English;
Additional third year: completion of MA thesis (can be written in English if it is co-supervised by a foreign professor).

Master’s Program in Cultural Studies

Duration: 2 years (with an optional third year to complete all requirements), 120 ECTS

Course outline:

Year 1: 
2 core (compulsory) courses: Theories of Culture and Research in Cultural Studies II
1 open elective course: to choose from the University of Ljubljana’s offer of courses offered in English
Practical Work (Internship): can be completed in Year 1 if the selected institution offers the possibility of working in English; or can be postponed to Year 2.
Year 2: 
8 elective courses (Years 1 and 2; foreign students can choose to take all their elective courses in Year 2), out of the following: Retro and Memory Cultures; Sexuality Studies; Religions and Cultures in the 21st Century; Film Studies and Practical Film-Making; Cognitive Science and Music; Cultures of Violence; Modern Literature and Social Ideologies; Balkan Studies; Multiculturalism; Aesthetics and Cultures of Taste; Food Cultures; The Performative in Art and Theory.
MA thesis (can be completed in the additional third year).