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Double Degree Undergraduate Programs in International Relations and Governance and Public Policy – Staatswissenschaften (University of Passau)

A Double Degree is a programme of study that gives students the possibility to graduate with two degrees – one in International Relations from the University of Ljubljana at the Faculty of Social Sciences (UL-FDV) and another in Governance and Public Policy – Staatswissenschaften  from the University of Passau (UNI PASSAU).

The Double Degree programme is only available for students enrolled in a relevant undergraduate programme at both partner institutions, the UL-FDV or the UNI PASSAU.

The program is based on mutual recognition of credit points and a diploma thesis, which gives students the opportunity to complete both studies faster.

Participating students spend their first two years at the undergraduate study at the UL-FDV, completing 120 ECTS, 60 credit points are obtained in the 3rd year of study at the UNI PASSAU. In the third year, students enrol to the UNI PASSAU, but remain enrolled also at the UL-FDV.

Students, who meet the entry and graduation requirements as well as learning outcomes of both programmes and have spent the required mobility period at the UNI PASSAU, are eligible for diploma awards at both partner institutions.

University of Passau





Office for International Cooperation

Maša Kolenbrand, MSc
Faculty of Social Sciences
Kardeljeva ploščad 5
1000 Ljubljana
Phone: 01 / 5805-124

Programme Coordinator:
prof. dr. Zlatko Šabič

Quick facts

Type: Double Degree Undergraduate Program in International Relations and Governance and Public Policy – Staatswissenschaften
Duration: 3 years: 1st and 2nd year at the UL-FDV, 3rd year at the UNI PSSAU
ECTS: 180 ECTS (120 at UL-FDV and 60 at the UNI PASSAU)
Language: German

Professional titles: Diplomant (male grammatical form) or diplomantka (female grammatical form) mednarodnih odnosov (UN) and B.A. Governance and Public Policy – Staatswissenschaften
Application deadlines: January 3, 2023 (Call for Applications)
Students apply in the second year of their undergraduate study of International Relations.
Intake: October 2022
Tuition fee: Participating students are waived tuition fees at UNI PASSAU, but are required to cover the cost of other required charges at the UNI PASSAU.


Enrolment in the undergraduate study programme International Relations at the UL-FDV, and completed at least 114 ECTS before the enrolment in the UNI PASSAU.


Chair of International Relations

Department's mission is to provide for excellence in teaching and research of international relations for the benefit of people and of environment in Slovenia and in the world.