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Ethnic and Migration Studies


The field of Ethnic and Migration Studies is distinctively interdisciplinary. Despite the fact that ethnic categories are relatively stable and historical units, they are exposed to permanent and relatively powerful changes, regional variability and global migrations. The dynamic processes that are transforming European and other societies due to international mobility and ethnic processes are creating numerous heterogeneous ethnic and cultural situations. Ethnic and cultural diversity in many areas represent the main reason and/or the medium for conflicts and problems, but they also represent exceptional human and therefore developmental potential. Thus ethnic and migration studies are always topical subjects. They need to be the subject of critical analysis and careful synthesis in order to effectively manage internal and external ethnic diversities on a local, national and supranational level, to resolve, prevent and manage conflict, and to contribute to the consideration and respect of human diversity as one of the basic categories of Slovene, European and global society.

This study field tries to capture a broad pallet of ethnic phenomena, relations and processes in the contemporary world, with special attention paid to Slovenia and Europe. These two areas were selected due to geographical proximity and the similarity of ethnic and migration problems, and because the implementation of results of academic work is the most plausible here. The programme includes experts from different fields of the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Social Sciences. Doctoral students will gain a thorough understanding of selected topics important to this dynamic field, learn about different theoretical and methodological approaches to the field, get to know terminology, qualify for independent academic research work or posts, and acquire managerial and political skills and knowledge. Besides this, the studies will help them shape their world-views and indirectly contribute to scientific development in the field of the Humanities and Social Sciences.


Ms. Anita Žagar
Ofice for Postgraduate study

Dr. Ksenija Šabec
Study field coordinators

Quick facts

Type: third level Doctoral study programme 
Duration: 4 years
ECTS: 240
Language: English
Professional title: Doctor of Philosophy / doktor znanosti
General requirements for enrolment: 300 ECTS
Tuition fee: 10.600 € for programme


Foreign citizens who have completed study programme abroad may enrol in doctoral study programme if they complete the offical Slovenian procedure of recognition of foreign undergraduate education.

General competences

The main purpose of the programmes is to provide doctoral students with fundamental knowledge from their research disciplines in different fields of the humanities and social sciences, while developing the competences required for independent research and the application of knowledge at an internationally comparable level.

Chair of Cultural Studies

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