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  • Researching diplomacy within the field of Diplomatic Studies
  • Conceptualisation and contextualisation of diplomacy: from classical diplomatic and consular relations to public diplomacy
  • Sociological approaches to the study of diplomacy within Diplomatic Studies
  • Meta-theoretical (ontological, epistemological and axiological) and theoretical (classical, positivist and post-positivist) approaches to the study of diplomatic studies
  • The interdisciplinary nature of the study of diplomacy: a legal, historiographical, economic and political science approach to diplomatic studies
  • Diplomacy and the international community: the institutionalisation of peaceful conflict resolution
  • Diplomacy and foreign policy: key means of foreign policy
  • Processes of the codification of contemporary diplomatic law
  • Placing the history of diplomacy within the historical development of the international community: specificity of the history of diplomacy and its method
  • Placing diplomacy within the structure of the international community: reciprocity of international actors, subjects, relations and norms and modern diplomacy
  • Bilateral and multilateral diplomacy
  • Diplomacy and international security
  • Diplomacy and international political economy
  • The diplomatic functioning of subjects of international law and international relations
  • Diplomacy, area and problem studies


Prof. dr. Boštjan Udovič
Study field coordinator

Ms. Anita Žagar
Student affairs office

Quick facts

Type: third level Doctoral study programme 
Duration: 4 years
ECTS: 240
Language: English
Professional title: Doctor of Philosophy / doktor znanosti
General requirements for enrolment: 300 ECTS
Tuition fee: 10.600 € for programme


Foreign citizens who have completed study programme abroad may enrol in doctoral study programme if they complete the offical Slovenian procedure of recognition of foreign undergraduate education.

General competences

The main purpose of the programmes is to provide doctoral students with fundamental knowledge from their research disciplines in different fields of the humanities and social sciences, while developing the competences required for independent research and the application of knowledge at an internationally comparable level.

Chair of International Relations

Department's mission is to provide for excellence in teaching and research of international relations for the benefit of people and of environment in Slovenia and in the world.