Skoči do osrednje vsebine


Graduates of Social Informatics:

• Understand the digital society and work as project managers or consultants in R&D, marketing, media or business sector.

• Master methods, techniques and modern tools for data analytics in the internet society and social science research methods in general.

• Have enhanced their proficiency in other disciplines (e.g., computer science, business, media and communication) with social informatics. For example, through the study of Social Informatics:

  • Students of social sciences and economics seeking advanced knowledge in data analytics, research methods and user experience.
  • Students of information and computer sciences obtain a broader social science background for designing, marketing and delivering digital products.

Examples of the most common and coveted career outcomes:

• Experts in SME and large organizations who develop digital service for e-learning, e-government, e-commerce, etc. or design business web applications and develop web presence (i.e., user experience consultant);

• Web masters and content managers responsible for integrating the digital presence into other business operations and processes (manager/consultant on digital content and campaigns).

• Data scientists, methodologists, researchers, statisticians in public or private sector organizations.

• Project and organizational managers connecting IT department with marketing and product development in organizations.

Fields of work

• Web analytics, Optimization, Web redesign and Web copyright
• Telecommunications
• Statistics, Methodology, Data Analytics
• Digital marketing and Market research
• Research management, Entrepreneurship, Business intelligence and consulting
• Research and optimization of user experience
• Project management in the field of digital services (public/private sector)
• Academic research

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