Skoči do osrednje vsebine

General competences

Students graduate with two different master’s degrees, which allow them not only to develop interdisciplinary expertise in different but complementary fields, but also to pursue two areas of interest in-depth, which can open new paths that reflect students’ interests and individuality as well as give them more career flexibility needed to earn coveted jobs. A double degree allows students to double-count some credits and the master’s thesis, shortening the completion time for both programmes.

During the master's degree in Social Informatics, students:

•             learn about the challenges of the digital future through an interdisciplinary understanding of new technologies;
•             acquire the ability to integrate social science, data analysis and IT approaches to understanding the digital society;
•             can choose between two modules with a unique set of compulsory and elective courses;
•             have the opportunity to develop their own interests and gain practical experience in the domestic and foreign environment.

During the double-degree study exchange at the University of Salerno, they simultaneously acquire:

•             a comprehensive insight into the sociological understanding of key aspects of the transformation of digital societies (e.g. virtual labor, economy, education, knowledge and innovation, social inequalities);
•             get acquainted in more detail with qualitative approaches to the research of social phenomena on the Internet and the web;
•             the ability to understand the implications of the digital world in an international and multicultural environment, which is important not only for the development of professional skills, but also soft skills (e.g., teamwork, intercultural communication).