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Media Studies

Media studies are essentially interdisciplinary field, drawing on the theories and methods of a range of social science disciplines and humanities as they apply to the media, both old and new. The basic educational aim of the interdisciplinary Media Studies programme is to enable doctoral students to pursue original research in the fields of media and communication closely embedded in other relevant social sciences and humanities disciplines and become familiar with the theoretical production and conceptual apparatus relevant for the field. Different individual courses should enable students to explore how historically media and technologies have contributed to social changes in our societies  at the level of structural transformation and a transformation of the self and will examine important theoretical approaches to thinking about those changes. Students will be encouraged to reflect not just on the symbolic and discursive levels but also on the level of the role of material and technological reality in social and cultural transformations in the so called “platform capitalism” and address the question of material and technological aspects of the media in the analysis of the social.


Prof. dr. Breda Luthar
Study field coordinator

Ms Anita Žagar
Student Affairs Office

Quick facts

Type: third level Doctoral study programme 
Duration: 4 years
ECTS: 240
Language: English

Professional title: Doctor of Philosophy / doktor_ica znanosti
General requirements for enrolment: 300 ECTS
Tuition fee: 10.600 € for programme


Foreign citizens who have completed study programme abroad may enrol in doctoral study programme if they complete the offical Slovenian procedure of recognition of foreign undergraduate education.

General competences

The main purpose of the programmes is to provide doctoral students with fundamental knowledge from their research disciplines in different fields of the humanities and social sciences, while developing the competences required for independent research and the application of knowledge at an internationally comparable level.