Availability of courses for foreign students

The list of available courses is being regularly updated and is indicating the current situation.
If the course is already full, then it cannot be chosen anymore.


Administrative and political management, Miro Haček, full-time, 1 W
Analysis of Contemporary Conflicts, Maja Garb, full-time, 1 W
Comparative Social Research - methods and research designs, Mitja Hafner Fink, full-time, 1 W
Contemporary approaches to the management , Marjan Brezovšek, full-time, 1 W
Contemporary development problems, Maja Bučar, full-time, 1 WFULL
Corporate Social Responsibility, Urška Golob Podnar, full-time, 1 W
Cross-cultural negotiations, Boštjan Udovič, full-time, 1 W
Digital presence practicum, Andraž Petrovčič, full-time, 1 S
Diplomatic Practice, Boštjan Udovič, full-time, 1 SFULL
Economy and Society, Aleksandra Kanjuo Mrčela, full-time, 1 WFULL
Education and employment, Samo Pavlin, full-time, 1 SFULL
Gender, work and organisations, Aleksandra Kanjuo Mrčela, full-time, 1 SFULL
Geopolitics, Vladimir Prebilič, full-time, 1 W
Global governance, Zlatko Šabič, full-time, 1 W
History of International Relations, Bojko Bučar, full-time, 1 S
Human resources management, Ivan Svetlik, full-time, 1 WFULL
Industrial Relations in Europe, Miroslav Stanojević, full-time, 1 WFULL
Information society phenomena, Vesna Dolničar, full-time, 1 W
Information technology and national security, Uroš Svete, full-time, 1 W
International and intercultural communication, Mojca Pajnik, full-time, 1 SFULL
International Conflict Management, Petra Roter, full-time, 1 SFULL
Islam and the West, Karmen Šterk, full-time, 1 S
Journalism and the Internet, Igor Vobič, full-time, 1 W
Models of Political Subjectivation, Jernej Pikalo, full-time, 1 S
Modern theories of political community, Igor Lukšič, full-time, 1 W
New technologies in social science research, Katja Lozar Manfreda, full-time, 1 W
Political Theories, Žiga Vodovnik, full-time, 1 W
Politics of European Integration, Ana Bojinović Fenko, full-time, 1 W
Project management in Information society, Jaroslav Berce, full-time, 1 W
Public Policies, Danica Fink Hafner, full-time, 1 W
Representation and Democracy, Danica Fink Hafner, full-time, 1 W
Research proseminar, Žiga Vodovnik, full-time, 1 W
Selected Issues in International Law, Bojko Bučar, full-time, 1 W
Sociology of Architecture, Franc Trček, full-time, 1 SFULL
Sociology of Sexuality, Ivan Bernik, full-time, 1 W
Sociology of sustainable development, Drago Kos, full-time, 1 W
Statistics and data analysis, Aleš Žiberna, full-time, 1 W
Terrorism and system countermeasures, Iztok Prezelj, full-time, 1 WFULL
Third foreign language: French for specific purposes, Mojca Jarc, full-time, 1 YFULL