Skoči do osrednje vsebine

General competences

The main purpose of the programmes is to provide doctoral students with fundamental knowledge from their research disciplines in different fields of the humanities and social sciences, while developing the competences required for independent research and the application of knowledge at an internationally comparable level.

Through the study programme, which combines theoretical and practical elements from the chosen research disciplines and incorporates various contemporary didactic approaches, individual and team methods of acquisition, and the utilisation and application of knowledge, students will develop the following competences: Analytical abilities, Application of methodological tools, Knowledge of the environment of the selected discipline or field, Strategic focus on the selected field, Communication, Team and group work abilities, Expertise, Conflict resolution, Flexible approach to change, Networking, Ethics and values, Wide humanistic and social horizon.



The objective of the programme is to introduce the students to in-depth, interdisciplinary, holistic and comparative understanding and critical evaluation of contemporary development issues. The study programme follows the approach of development studies elsewhere in the world by focusing primarily on the issues of development breakthrough of medium and less developed countries and/or regions.

Three levels of study, analysis and mentorship are available: (1) basic conceptually theoretic treatment of social development, (2) development research based on research capacity of the staff at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences (sociology and development, science and technology; development within international relations, (3) in-depth analysis of research questions or topics, which are of a particular interest to doctoral students.

The expected achievement: ability to formulate epistemologically, methodologically and content-wise well-defined research problem of international significance to be addressed in the doctoral dissertation, with the ambition to achieve high-quality in theory, methodology, and analytical work. During the studies we already encourage students to present the results of their on-going research at scientific conferences as well as publish their findings and conclusions.