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The Call for Enrolment in the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programmes in Humanities and Social Sciences in the 2022/2023 Academic Year

On March 28 2022, University of Ljubljana published The Call for Enrolment into Doctoral Study Programmes of the University of Ljubljana for the 2022/2023 Academic Year

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programmes in Humanities and Social Sciences

Step 1: Find study field

Number of enrolment places: 238 – in total for citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, citizens of EU Member States, Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship and foreign citizens

PhD study - available places FSS 2022/23

Information day for the study fields that are coordinated by the Faculty of Social Sciences: 18th May 2022 at 16.00 on Zoom: (Meeting ID: 785 512 6985 Passcode: 8wffdQ) and also at 17:00 in a lecture room 7.

Step 2: Observe the deadlines

In accordance with the instructions in the joint part of the Call, enrolment candidates can apply on the eVŠ web portal within two application deadlines:

- 1st deadline: 10 June 2022 (for citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, citizens of EU Member States and non-EU foreign citizens);

- 2nd deadline: from 20 June 2022 to 19 August 2022 (only for citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and citizens of EU Member States).

Candidates must complete and submit by the stated application deadlines their application for enrolment in the doctoral programme and all required evidence electronically via the eVŠ information system.

Enrolment will be completed by 30 September 2022 at the latest, at the member faculty that coordinates the field in question.

Step 3: Check requirements for enrolment

The doctoral programme in the Humanities and Social Sciences is open to:

- Graduates of Bologna Master’s study programmes.

- Graduates of study programmes leading to university a degree.

- Graduates of study programmes leading to a specialisation, following a previously completed higher education study programme; upon the proposal of a field coordinator responsible for the doctoral programme, a competent body of a member faculty determines study obligations worth 30 to 60 ECTS needed for enrolment in the third level doctoral programme.

- Graduates of study programmes leading to a masters degree or a specialisation following the completion of a first degree; upon the proposal of a field coordinator responsible for the doctoral programme, a competent body of a member faculty acknowledges study obligations to the value of at least 60 ECTS, thus enabling enrolment in a third level doctoral programme.

Students who finished equivalent education abroad meet the conditions for enrolment in doctoral study. Equivalence of formerly obtained education abroad is ascertained through the process of verification of foreign education, in compliance with Article 121 of the Statute of the University of Ljubljana.

Before registration it is necessary to get the supervisor's agreement.

Your previous study will be assessed in the procedure for recognition of foreign higher education credentials or diplomas.

Criteria for selection of students

Criteria for applicants' selection in the case of enrolment restrictions:

  • grade point average in previous studies - 50%;
  • -oral exam/interview taken in front of an expert committee for the study field the candidate is applying for, accounts for the second 50%.

Upon the approval of the coordinator, an appropriate faculty member responsible for the doctoral study decides the applicant's suitability.

Step 4: Tuition costs and co-funding

Registration fee: 37,50 €

Tuition fee: 10.600,00 €

1st year: 3.400 €, 2nd year: 2.600 €, 3rd year: 2.200 € and 4th year:  2.400 €.

The tuition fee does not include the mandatory health insurance.

The selected students sign a learning agreement and pay the first-year tuition fee. Students pay the tuition for the second, third and fourth year when they advance to the next year. Tuition fee for each academic year can be paid in 3 instalments – first upon enrolment, second in January, third in March.

Please note: The certificate of enrolment will be issued upon the payment of tuition fee.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is unable to offer financial assistance, but please refer to:    

Co-Funding for doctoral studies

Pursuant to the Decree for the co-funding of doctoral studies (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 22 as of 28 April 2017), tuition fee co-funding may be granted to students meeting the following requirements:

-          they are enrolled in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of doctoral studies and regularly advanced to 2nd and 3rd year of doctoral studies;

-          they have not yet obtained the level of education matching the level of education obtained under third-cycle doctoral study programmes;

-          their studies under study programmes to obtain a PhD, although never completed, are not or have not been co-funded from public funds. Students that have already been co-funded and regularly enrol in a higher year in a different doctoral study programme, are NOT eligible for co-funding.
Cross enrolment is not co-funded and, furthermore, students enrolled in an extra year are not entitled to co-funding.

Step 5: Submit your enrolment application

Doctoral study programmes of the University of Ljubljana are open to all candidates, regardless of whether they have already completed their previous studies or not at the time of submitting their application. Although completing previous studies is not a requirement for application, it is a requirement for enrolment in a study programme. We advise candidates to submit their applications within the individual deadline if they expect to complete their studies before enrolment is completed. In such cases, candidates should send all evidence of completion of studies and a grade-point average certificate in accordance with instructions and deadlines from this call and instructions and deadlines they receive from the relevant UL member faculty or academy.

Candidates who would like to enrol in doctoral study programmes under the criteria in place for transitions/advancement to higher years, and candidates who have not completed their post-graduate/doctoral study programmes must also apply on the web portal eVŠ by the deadline stated for their respective study programme.

Only applications that have been completed and submitted by the end of the application deadline on the eVŠ web portal will be considered to be submitted in due time.

Candidates are required to follow the e-mail address provided in their application and the notifications on the eVŠ web portal, as communication and possible calls for supplementations to their application for enrolment take place in those ways.

Candidates submit their application together with all the required supporting material and credentials, electronically on the web portal eVŠ if the applicant’s identity can be determined. The applicant’s identity will be verified based on the EMŠO (for Slovenian citizens) or a copy of their personal identity document (for EU citizens based on their personal ID or passport, and for non-EU citizens based on their passport).

The credentials that prove the candidate’s meeting the admission requirements include scanned documents or photographs of original certificates and other required documents and supporting material. Candidates will be notified of any requirement to supplement their applications via the e-mail address they provided in their application on the eVŠ portal.

Candidates should attach their credentials to their applications or submit it subsequently in accordance with the instructions and deadlines given in this Call, or in accordance with the notifications they receive from the UL member faculty or academy or on the eVŠ portal.

Candidates should pay attention to the deadline of the electronic submission of the supporting material to the application for enrolment, as after this date the submission of the supporting material is no longer possible. If the candidate has technical and other problems with submitting the required materials on the eVŠ web portal, they should report this to the first level of assistance to applicants at (it should be noted that the request for assistance will be considered during official hours). Complaints due to technical difficulties in submitting the required materials will not be considered unless reported in this manner.

Instructions for submitting credentials and supporting material are posted here:

Contact for support for candidates in completing the application for enrolment:
The single state administration contact centre
(EKC or One-stop Shop Centre)
Tel.: 080-2002 (weekdays from 8 am to 10 pm)
For calls from other countries: 00386 1 478 85 90

 Applications for enrolment must include the following:

  • Short CV with bibliography
  • Documents required for the recognition of education (see list in Step 6)
  • Outline of Ph.D. thesis (max 1000 words) which should inculde: title; comprehensive literature review as a basis for the scientific relevance of the proposed research; the research question(s) derived from the review of literature or/and thesis/ hypothesis; description of the research methodology, research methods and structure of the thesis; argumentation of the original contribution of the thesis to the selected scientific field; list of sources;
  • Consent of mentor


We strongly suggest to applicants to first contact the study field coordinator and consult with him/her about the relevance of the proposed topic of dissertation and the choice of a supervisor.


We strongly encourage you to start working on fulfilling all the formal requirements as soon as possible to avoid any procedural or other difficulties along the way. The Faculty of Social Sciences shall bear no responsibility with any procedures outside those directly related with studies at the University. For example, fulfilling of any requirements related to internal affairs (e.g. visas) are and will be considered as being entirely and solely the responsibility of the applicant.  

Step 6: Recognition of foreign education

A candidate who has finished his or her studies in a foreign country (not Slovenia) and would like to continue education in the Slovenian higher education institution is obliged to acquire a decision on the recognition of the foreign education. The foreign certificates of education which will be submitted via the eVŠ together with all the required evidence and supporting material will automatically undergo the process of recognition of foreign educational qualifications for the purpose of further education at the University of Ljubljana.

Information on education recognition procedures can be found on the following websites:

The admissions procedure will process and consider only those applications and requests for recognition of foreign education that are submitted in the eVŠ system by the end of the application deadline.

Candidates can attach to their application a scan or photograph of a personal identity document with their written consent on the eVŠ web portal as follows:

  • citizens of EU Member States: personal ID or passport (page showing the candidate’s personal data, including name, surname, date and place of birth and citizenship),
  • foreign citizens of non-EU Member States: passport (page showing the candidate’s personal data, including name, surname, date and place of birth and citizenship).

The education recognition procedure must be concluded before enrolment in the doctoral study programme.

The required documents in the process of recognition of foreign education are:

1. scan/photo of the Bachelor diploma (scan all the pages of the document)

2. scan/photo of the Master diploma (scan all the pages of the document)

3. scan/photo of the Bachelor's diploma supplement, transcript of records or other relevant document in evidence of content and duration of education

4. scan/photo of the Master's diploma supplement, transcript of records or other relevant document in evidence of content and duration of education

5. scan/photo of chronological description of the completed education (prepared and signed by the candidate)

PLEASE NOTE: The procedure of recognition begins when the application is complete.

Step 7: Check for pre-departure arrangements

Step 8: Information guide for international students

Step 9: Contact Student Affairs Office

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