Master of Political Science - Political Theory

If you are interested in contemporary political debateson the political and social dilemmas of the(post) modern world, the programme on PoliticalTheory should be your primary choice. The programmeis an advanced programme in PoliticalScience, focused on the interdisciplinary studyof political ideas, institutions and practices. Theprogramme gathers some of the most prominentscholars in the field.


Student Affairs Office:

prof. dr. Žiga Vodovnik
Programme Coordinator

Quick facts

Type: second level Master study programme of Political Science - Political Theory
Duration: 1 year
ECTS: 60
Language: English
Professional title: Master of Political Science / magister/-ica politologije

Deadline for applicants: 

1st application period:

31 May 2018 (for EU and non-EU candidates)

The candidates must fulfill all enrolment criteria and send all required documents for the recognition of foreign education till July 6, 2018.

2nd application period (only for EU candidates):

from 21 August till 27 August 2018 (only for programmes with free places after 1st application period).

The candidates must fulfill all enrolment criteria and send all required documents for the recognition of foreign education till September 14, 2018.

Intake: Until 30 September 2018  

General requirements for enrolment: 240 ECTS

Tuition fee: 4.000 €*

This is a full-time study programme.

*In the academic year 2018/19, only full-time students may enroll into 2nd level study programmes at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Therefore, citizens from the EU and from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo are not required to pay tuition fees. Tuition fees apply for full-time students from countries outside the EU.
Exception: Students who enroll into 2nd level study programmes with an already achieved 2nd level of education should pay tuition fees also for full-time study.

How to apply for master's programmes


Foreign citizens who have completed undergraduate study programme abroad may enrol in the first year of the Bologna Master’s study programme if they complete the procedure of recognition of foreign undergraduate education.


First year 2017/18

Elective courses

Contemporary Theories of Political Community and Models of Political Subjectivation. For the one elective course students can choose from any master course at the faculty.


Faculty and visiting professors

Dr. Žiga Vodovnik, Dr. Andrej Lukšič, Dr. Jernej Pikalo, Dr. Igor Lukšič, Dr. Andrej Kurnik, Dr. Cirila Toplak.

Dr. Tihomir Cipek (University of Zagreb), Dr. Igor Štiks (University of Edinburg).


General competences

Students can expect a broad spectrum of theories and methodologies, designed to compete with the highest standards of similar programmes at leading academic institutions.


The programme offers strong qualifications for individuals who are considering government careers or careers as political advisers, political analysts,party leaders, political campaign workers, and political spokesmen, among others. Graduates can also find jobs as educators or political activists in the non-governmental sector, or even pursue acareer as business consultants for multinational corporations.

Chair of Theoretical Political Science

The mission of the Chair of Theoretical Political Science is to achieve a comprehensive knowledge transfer to students in the field of political theory and contemporary political processes and institutions.