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Trial access to Sociology Source Ultimate

Sociology Source Ultimate is a sociology database that brings together article data from over 3,200 mostly peer-reviewed journals. The collection also includes over 2100 videos. Trial access is available until 2nd June 2023.

05. May 2023 | FDV, Testni dostop

Creativity is the production of meaning by synthesis

Dr. Michael Bošnjak, Full Professor for Psychological Research Methods at the University of Trier (Germany), was a guest at the Faculty of Social Sciences from April 11 to 14, 2023. Lately, his research focuses mainly on the research synthesis methods as the highest level of the production of knowledge.

24. April 2023 | guest lecture

Trial access to EIU Viewpoint

EIU Viewpoint is an e-resource that provides insight into political and economic data and its analysis. Available until 28th of April 2023.

14. April 2023 | Notifications, Testni dostop

Trial access to Taylor & Francis eBooks

Taylor & Francis eBooks is an online digital platform that offers a comprehensive collection of eBooks written by a world-renowned and award-winning network of editors and authors. Trial access available till 30th April 2023.

05. April 2023 | Notifications

Teorija in praksa 1/2023

This issue of Teorija in praksa comprises 7 articles in Slovenian and 3 in English language. Articles cover different concepts of EU foreign policy regarding power in the light of realism and liberalism, the following articles discuss political polarisation, a tool for the manifestation of power in the human mind, agenda-setting factors in Kosovo concerning the war in Ukraine and more.

30. March 2023 | TiP

Will the gender pay gap persist in advanced societies?

A study led by the University of California, joined by the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Social Sciences (UL FDV), found that pay practices and barriers to promotion are to blame for women earning less than men in the 15 countries analysed.

27. March 2023 | Research

Trial access to EUobserver

EUobserver is a European online newspaper, launched in 2000 by the Brussels-based organisation ASBL.

23. February 2023 | Dostop do učbenikov

New publication of the results of a survey on an e-care support system with physical activity monitoring function

Authors doc. Dr Simona Hvalič Touzery, Mojca Šetinc and Assoc. prof. Dr Vesna Dolničar from the Centre for Social Informatics at the UL FDV, among others, noted that the positive effects of using the tested service were: increased physical activity, awareness of its importance and a greater sense of security.

31. January 2023 | Research

Bilateral project: Interdisciplinary Bridges for the Study of Crowd Cognition in Communication in the Age of Big Data

The new bilateral project Interdisciplinary Bridges for Research on Group Cognition in the Era of Big Data thematically focuses on the problem of social communication in a technologically driven epistemic crisis.

24. January 2023 | FDV, Znanost

Permanent access to Oxford Handbooks Online

New permanent access to 65 textbooks in the Oxford Handbooks Online collection is available.

17. January 2023 | Dostop do učbenikov