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Teorija in praksa 1/2023

This issue of Teorija in praksa comprises 7 articles in Slovenian and 3 in English language. First article compares different concepts of EU foreign policy regarding power in the light of realism and liberalism, the following articles discuss political polarisation, a tool for the manifestation of power in the human mind, agenda-setting factors in Kosovo concerning the war in Ukraine, comprehensive and hybrid view on the regularity of political science in the academic environments of East Asian countries with a focus on South Korea and Taiwan and more. 

TIP 1/2023



Mitja Durnik: Has the liberal internationalist conception of the EU’s foreign policy made it incapable of acting in international conflicts?

Matevž Malčič: Political polarisation in Slovenia and its effects on liberal democracy

Sebastjan Jeretič: Hegemony, morality and emotions: power in the neural architecture of the human mind

Arben Fetoshi, Dren Gërguri: Agenda setting about the war in Ukraine: the impact of television in Kosovo

Arash Beidollahkhani: The regularity of political science in South Korean and Taiwan academic contexts: reasons and consequences

Eva Erjavec, Tjaša Redek: Impact of digitalisation and investments in intangible capital on the non-financial performance of firms in Slovenia

Helena Kovačič: Occupational health in Slovenia



Nika Ferbežar, Marko Gavriloski: Resilience of LGBTQ+ youth in the education context: an integrative literature review


Steven O’Connor in Guillaume Piketty (ur.): Foreign Fighters and Multinational Armies: From Civil Conflicts to Coalition Wars, 1848–2015 (Klemen Kocjančič)

Nikola Tesla: Problem povečevanja človeške energije, s posebnim ozirom na pridobivanje energije Sonca (Andrej A. Lukšič)




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