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Rado Bohinc

The Human Aspects of Sustainable Development

ISBN: 978-961-295-083-5 (Fakulteta za družbne vede, Založba FDV)

This book brings together in one place the author’s key insights into the social and human aspects of sustainable governance and social responsibility. It presents some alternative models for more inclusive and effective governance approaches at both the societal and corporate levels. It addresses issues such as corporate social responsibility, the duties and responsibilities of shareholders and directors, cooperative, employees, and social enterprises, the structural and financial participation of employees in corporate governance, and more.

The social dimension of governance issues, such as corporate and social responsibility, social dialog, the welfare state, etc., has its philosophical roots in human ethics and its legal basis in the constitutional paradigm of human rights and freedoms.

In modern society and in corporations that are characterized by significant developments in the field of information and communication technologies and other digital technologies, both capital gain and human/social aspects should form the
framework for democratic life and social welfare. The new information and communication channels influence the balance between the two fundamental components of modern societies and corporations, namely capital and labour.

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