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Researching and developing economic democracy in Europe and Latin America

The EU-LAC Adelante2 Triangular Cooperation project kicks off on 14 September with a workshop at FDV UL. The Slovenian partners in the project are Centre for Organisational and Human Resource Research, FDV UL and the Institute for Economic Democracy.

The workshop, which will be held by prof. dr. Aleksandra Kanjuo-Mrčela is a meeting of researchers from four countries (France, Mexico, Peru and Slovenia) researching economic democratisation, with a particular focus on employee ownership. The workshop will present the research results that were obtained from national research teams so far and discuss the methodology and dynamics of the joint research in the coming months, as well as ways to translate the research results into practice after the research work. 

This Triangular Cooperation Initiative aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among Partnership entities to develop an Employment Ownership model, drawing from the experience of Provider entities and seeking to promote economic democracy in the private sector through inclusion, equality, and a horizontal approach. The role of the Slovenian partners is to provide knowledge and expertise on the models for leveraged workers buyouts, which could help to - if supported through appropriate policy - address the developmental challenges in Latin America.  

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adelante 2

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