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A new article on protecting privacy on the internet, especially for older people

Jošt BartolDr. Katja Prevodnik,  Dr. Vasja Vehovar, and Dr. Andraž Petrovčič, researchers at the Centre for Social Informatics, published an original research article titled “The roles of perceived privacy control, Internet privacy concerns and Internet skills in the direct and indirect Internet uses of older adults: Conceptual integration and empirical testing of a theoretical model” in New Media & Society, a top-tier journal in the field of communication and Internet studies.

The ability to manage personal information on the Internet is becoming one of the key aspects of Internet users' digital engagement, while their attitudes toward (their) Internet privacy are an important factor in decisions about (non)use of Internet services. In particular, this holds for older adults who are generally more at risk of digital exclusion; not only because they are unable to adequately protect their privacy, but also because of a lack of general Internet skills.

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Back to list of notificationsPublished: 26. September 2022 | Category: FDV