Skoči do osrednje vsebine

MEMEPOP Loading: Regional Perspectives on Memory, Popular Culture and Cultural Studies

The event was organized by the Centre for Cultural and Religious Studies and the Department of Cultural Studies, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The workshop brought together researchers interested in popular culture and collective memory from Central and South-Eastern Europe.

The first day consisted of presentations that foregrounded the role of popular music in the formation of collective memory, the speakers highlighting media and generational differences, as well as methodological approaches to the exploration of big data and internet environments. Irena Šentevska’s keynote lecture offered a glimpse into her new book, Raspevani Beograd: Urbani identitet i muzički video – an extensive  comprehensive study of the historical entanglements between Serbian popular music, urban identity, and music videos.  

The red thread running through the presentations in focus on June 7  was the diversity of popular-cultural memory formations, their social and ideological role, and the relevance of memory studies to areas like  gaming cultures. The participants discussed the contribution of murals, film festivals, and public commemorations to collective memory in the former Yugoslavia, and the historicization and contemporary research of computer games. 

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