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1B. Research Data Management, Access and Use of Secondary Data - not held in 2016

Research Data Management, Access and Use of Secondary Data, Janez Štebe, Irena Vipavc Brvar and Sonja Bezjak, Social Science Data Archives, Faculty of Social Sciences

5 Day Course, First Term: 27 June to 1 July 2016, 5 ETCS

The training provides students with awareness of the different aspects involved in Research Data Management planning and implementation, as well as issues related to digital curation. Topics covered: 1) Research Data Management (Introduction to RDM Policies: international perspective, funders views, overview of data services and infrastructure available / DMP: benefits of planned research, funders requirements / DMP: selecting repository, criteria for deposit / Introduction to RDM tools / Developing DMP), 2) Legal and Ethical Issues (Introduction: Open access to data in research with people as participants / Legal and ethical issues / Consent, Anonymisation, Access regulation / Developing consent form / Anonymising your data), 3) Preparing Data and Documentation for Digital Curation, 4) Access and Use of Secondary Data.

Janez Štebe, Ph. D., taught on various graduate and postgraduate courses related to comparative secondary analysis and on research data life cycle issues at the UL. He advises on digital preservation and open access policy issues. He is the head of ADP - Arhiv družboslovnih podatkov (eng. the Social Science Data Archives).

Irena Vipavc Brvar is primarily engaged with users / depositors relations at ADP, carrying out workshops for researchers about access to research data, data management planning etc., and training for future data archivists, both on national and international level.

Sonja Bezjak, Ph. D., is at ADP primarily engaged with issues related to open access to research data, such as: research data policy, data citation, data journals, and research data management planning. She is part of ADP team for education and training of users and depositors of research data, which targets national and international audience.

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