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HRM Internship

Kadrovska praksa

Course credits:

6.00 ECTS / 180 (0 hours of lectures, 0 hours of exercises, 60 hours of seminars, 120 hours other forms of work)

Course holder:

doc. dr. Helena Kovačič


  • Asst. Prof. Jasna Mikić Ljubi






Second semester

Study degree

1. level

    Course execution:

  • Undergraduate Programme of Sociology - Human Resources Management

Short content

The course is designed so that students can carry out the large part of their coursework in the field. The work at the faculty is then organized under the guidance of external experts, who determine a different content and methods of work with each new academic year. However, core content is fixed in advance, and includes: the strategic role of HRM connected to business strategy, the structure and position of HRM, planning and HR, testing and selection, interviews, education, HR of top management, productivity and quality, evaluation of performance, career management, rewarding (financial incentives, reward scheme, bonuses), industrial relations, health and safety, international HRM, HR and women, and the role of line managers in the field of HR.

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