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Chapter on global climate norms in European Union Russia relations.

Assist. Prof. Dr Danijel Crnčec, Assist. Prof. Dr Jure Požgan and Prof. Dr Ana Bojinović Fenko from the Centre of International Relations have published a chapter: ”Protection of the global climate in EU–Russia relations: An assessment of norm strength and logic of action" in a scientific edited volume with Routlege/Taylor & Francis, edited by Assoc. Prof. Dr Helene Dyrhauge (Roskilde University) and Assoc. Prof. Dr Kristina Kurze (Andrássy Universität Budapest). 

The book titled “Making the European Green Deal Work: EU Sustainability Policies at Home” is part of Routledge Studies on the Governance of Sustainability in Europe. Just like Green Deal itself, the chapters cover different policies including financial instruments, energy policies, climate policies and external policies and apply the ideal-type logics of appropriateness and consequences to analyse sustainable transformations. The variety of the cases contribute to a broad understanding of how different actors interpret and implement the aims of the European Green Deal, including especially those lagging behind, who, for various reasons, are struggling with the sustainable transition. From examining their policies, the book illuminates the challenges and opportunities they are facing. Overall, the contributions address key questions surrounding the EU’s powers and limits in inducing transformative change and implementing the European Green Deal.

This book will be of key interest to scholars, students and practitioners of EU sustainability policies, sustainability transitions and green economy, environmental studies, energy policy, energy governance and climate change, public policy, comparative politics and international relations. 


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