Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Newsroom Internship

Praksa v novinarskem uredništvu

Course credits:

6.00 ECTS / 160 (10 hours of lectures, 0 hours of exercises, 0 hours of seminars, 150 hours other forms of work)

Course holder:

izr. prof. dr. Nataša Logar


  • Asst. Prof. Tanja Kerševan






Full academic year

Study degree

2. level

    Course execution:

  • Postgraduate Programme of Journalism

Short content

Student selects a print media, radio, television or digital media newsroom where he/she wishes to upgrade his/her journalistic knowledge and skills. The range of media and contacts are provided by the lecturer from the Chair of Journalism who watches over the execution of the practice as well.

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Curriculum was last modified on: 06.06.2023